My Fascination with Lighthouses

I've always had a secret fascination with these life saving monuments.
With so many skyscrapers that are simply constructed with the intention of showing off money, housing greedy financial markets and being a symbol of wealth and status, there is something quite humble about the solidarity of a lighthouse.

Its intention is to simply save lives, to protect all mariners as they approach rocky shores and bring light in the midst of the fog.

It almost seems as though these breath taking structures are guarding a secret from the rest of society, tales of lives that were saved and souls that were once housed within its walls.

The open sea is an eerie thought, but a flashing light in the distance is always a symbol of hope, tranquility and comfort.
Feel free to check out my Lighthouse gallery on my photography website


  1. I'm in love with these photos! What creative pictures. I feel like I was there.


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