The Outer Banks, North Carolina Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of going on vacation with my bestie Kathleen. When she first invited me to North Carolina, my eyes lit up with anticipation. I LOVE North Carolina, was my first thought. But then she said, we're going to the Outer Banks. Although I had never heard of this place, I automatically agreed and did some research on the location.

All of the photographs and website information on this narrow strip of land surrounded by The Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Currituck Sound on the other did not do this place any justice. It's one of those wonders that you must see to believe, must stand in the center of to experience.
Our condo was in a small town called Duck. There were no fast food signs for miles, simply pristine beaches and protected wildlife around us. Each and every day I simply stared in awe at the white sand and excited at how close we were to the water on each side.

On one of our first outings, we came nearly face to face with a wild mustang. We kept our 50 feet distance which is the law of the land, and took photographs, amazed at this majestic wild creature. Several feet further we spotted a few more. They were not bothered by us one bit and simply grazed without disturbance. I embraced that moment, knowing it would be etched into my mind for eternity.
One of my favorite sights were the historic and awe inspiring lighthouses. I revealed to Kathleen my fascination and admiration for these incredible structures. How they are built for one purpose, to save and protect the lives of sailors and sea men. Each light house contained so much history, jaw dropping stories and photographs of the keepers that occupied them throughout the years.

We heard stories about how the OBX (Outer Banks) is considered the graveyard of the Atlantic, with shipwrecks that pre-dated the 1600's, World War II stories and even a ship that had crashed to shore only two weeks prior to our arrival.

I cannot put into words how amazing and relaxing this trip was. How it brought me back to Earth and placed me back in touch with nature. There was something new to see each day, and if you're a total history nerd like I am, you'll come back with enough knowledge of the historic OBX to create your own pamphlet.
There are not enough words or photographs to describe my experience. But here are my top places to go when you visit the Outer Banks.

In Part Two I'll discuss my top locations you MUST see when visiting the Outer Banks, everything from the Wright Brothers Memorial to the Lost Colony re-enactments. Stay tuned!


  1. More beautiful pictures! Thanks Kym!

    1. My pleasure! And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, it's very much appreciated =]

  2. Love the photo of the turned over sailboat

    1. There's quite an interesting story behind that overturned sailboat. We spotted it while on a tour and made sure to locate landmarks around it so that we could come back the following day and see it up close since we could only see the tip of the sail from the road. The sailboat was trying to help another one that was stuck and they both ended up crashing to shore. There were only pieces left behind of the second one, thankfully this one was still intact, it had only happened two weeks before I took this photo.


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