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Life as always, has been pretty hectic, unpredictable, and yet amazing all at the same time. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves, and eternally in debt to the generous individuals who have provided those opportunities for me.
 But for now, I am sharing two wonderful things that recently happened in the plus publishing world. I had my first interview as a plus photographer! For the up and coming Curvz Magazine. I'm a bit shy about sharing so much of myself, as I have been a lot more closed off in the past year. It was hard to put myself in such a vulnerable position, but how could I turn down the opportunity?!

You can read the write up here. And although I did not shoot the cover image, I was humbled and flattered to have my name on the cover. ;)
Then there is Skorch Magazine. Being that it's one of the most popular plus magazines in the country, I was very hesitant to share the big news when I heard I would have my Lala Liberty feature published. I had submitted images a few times before to no avail, but sent these in without hesitation. I was floored when I received such positive feedback and couldn't have been happier to learn this news, but kept it quiet until the issue was published. I teared up from the excitement.

I have entered into the world of wedding photography and am loving it! I will be sharing more tips and advice on how to break into the industry, as well as behind the scenes videos of my upcoming fashion shoot. Yes me...being recorded...preparing, posing and shooting my subjects, in my weird quirky way ;) I look forward to introducing my new bestie (and partner in crime) Stacy Espinoza. We have joined forces since first becoming attached at the hip at Daniela and Sal Longo's wedding. I promise you guys will love her as much as I do =]

I have some even bigger news about the plus publishing world coming soon, but I've learned (from several mistakes and let downs) to not be quick to pull the trigger, and so I will share when the time is right. For now, I continue shooting and editing silently, waiting for that day to come. Sometimes, silence truly is golden. =]

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