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Hi there everyone!

It feels great to be back...again.

After a four day weekend away from home photographing for a modeling agency and magazine, as well as baby sitting my two younger sisters, it feels great to be back home.

I missed catching up on your blogs, reading, commenting and drooling over photos. But alas, starting your own photography business from the ground up has proven to be more than time consuming. It doesn't leave much time to give attention to everyone. Not just my blogging buddies, but other close relationships. Not that I'm complaining. I couldn't be happier with what I do. I definitely feel that my life is going in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me, via messages, commenting and just visiting my blog in general. It does not go unappreciated.

Once again I am sharing a few photo updates. But please be advised, these are MY photographs. Not to be reproduced, distributed, sold, distorted or in any way shape or form taken from this or any of my other websites. Thanks everyone! I'll be back again this week with a recipe for the 5 star recipe makeover!

P.S. I'm dying to share the photos I took of a Japanese restaurant in Jersey City for their website. My favorite food shoot to date. Stay tuned! You can check out my photography website for a sneak peek... Kym Fajardo Photography.

Photography shout outs and credits:
Natural AllDay Models
Carlos Con Long
Kim Ivey
Keisha Divien
Keisha Stush
Amoralee Britton
Bathing Suit Designer: Aeisha of Intimate Icandi Lingerie & Icandi Couture
Hair Stylist: Ciara Smith
MUA's: Natural AllDay, Mocha and Natalia Teresa
Locations: Amityville Marina, Pier 40, Greenwich Village,
Shout outs: Latoya Shauntay Snell and Eric Snell of E. Snell Design


  1. Amazing photos!! You have certainly discovered a new passion here... love it. :)

  2. I love the site and I support you a thousand percent
    <3 Unsung Warriors


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