SeaPaddleNYC Finish Line Photos & BBQ

I realized I haven't updated my photography portfolio or shared any recent shots I have taken. The photos I share today are from last week, so they're still raw and not completely finished, but I was too excited and thought I'd share a sneak peek.

Here are some food photos from a family BBQ my parents hosted at their home. These were just the appetizers.

Fried red snapper
Grilled corn on the cob
Sauteed mussels in garlic sauce
Simple romaine salad
Fresh guacamole and tortilla chips
Fresh coconut rice
Colombian chorizo

Then there's the very special shoot I had the privilege of witnessing. Our friend Ray paddle boarded around the entire island of Manhattan in a little over 5 hours. Why would he do such a crazy thing? He raced to raise money for SeaPaddleNYC's charities that benefit those with Autism.

Watching each paddle boarder fall over as soon as they reach shore, panting, smiling, waving their arms in victory as they took that final breath, that final push to cross the finish line.

I captured some pretty emotional moments. From a boarder looking at a shouting woman with her fist raised high in to the air, signaling her partners victory. Her arm shot up as soon as I rested my 7D against my brow; And boy was I glad she did. It made for a dramatic shot which I was truly grateful for.

Another shot I feel deserves attention is the shot where two men were racing one another to reach the finish line first. From shore we could see the final vigorous strains it took to paddle their boards closer to shore. The wild look of determination in their eyes.

It was a fascinating event to witness. For someone to train their bodies for months in advance, to push their bodies further than some have ever pushed it before. All in the name of charity. It was intense, emotional and inspiring.

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  1. Awesome bbq spread! Beautiful food photos and great paddle boarding photos too!

  2. Love the photos - and the dose of inspiration!

    Have I told you that I love the new look of your blog? Cuz I do...

  3. This all looks wonderful, the paddle boarding looks like great fun!

  4. Awesome spread! Love the photos... thanks for sharing.

  5. What a feast! Love the picture of the corn!!!!

  6. Wow, that corn looks so good. Great post Kym :)


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