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The cornbread I missed out on =/
Welcome back everyone! I sit by apartment window here in Jersey, gleefully soaking up some sun while planning out the day. I recently shared that Tim and I have been on a new healthy life style plan, joined a weight loss competition as well as a nearby gym. I meant it when I said I needed to make changes in my life and am happy to report that I am already seeing results.

The salad I had plenty of for dinner =]

Now, before I go any further, I wanted to bring up a subject of much controversy. (PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE MAKING JUDGMENTS, THANKS!!) Yes, the recent announcement Paula Deen made on day time television about her Diabetes. I am not saying what she did was right, or wrong, all I have to say is, who are we to judge? Yes she waited three years to come forward about it, but you have to remember the woman suffered from agoraphobia and severe depression. I can't imagine what she must have been thinking, perhaps she felt embarrassed or concern towards what others would think, what they would say, how it would affect her business endeavors. Sure Anthony Bourdain made a point on twitter about getting into the leg breaking business to profit from selling crutches or what not, but I highly doubt her purpose was to willingly give others diabetes. Her food is buttered, battered, deep fried, refried, etc, obviously it's not the kind of food to devour on a daily basis and Mrs. Deen pointed out before, it's also about moderation.

Now I might get a lot of crap for "defending" Paula Deen, but the only reason I felt the need to come forward is really in defense of her mental state. Any life changing diagnosis can trigger symptoms of mental illness, maybe she needed some time to let it sink in, get her things together and sure, sign an endorsement with the pharmaceutical company, but do we really know what goes on in the mind of someone like Paula Deen?
Homemade whipped cream, yup missed out on that too =] 
I can relate in that I knew I didn't eat right, yet it took me so long to admit it. I am the free spirit that I am, I am known for making and consuming the ingredients that make my heart content. Perhaps Mrs. Deen feels the same way, cooking was a way for her to overcome her agoraphobia and heal her depression. The same way cooking and baking became my healing tool after I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder before I reached the age of 18. My point is that we are not Paula Deen, we have the choice to not purchase her cookbooks, attempt her recipes or dine at her restaurant.

Some people are outraged that she won't admit she was wrong, umm, I think it's pretty obvious she already knows that. Why don't we back off, and let Mrs. Deen and her physicians figure out what is best for her. I don't personally know her, nor have I been a fan of her program or cooking techniques (although I did once review Lady & Sons in GA), I don't feel the need to gloat and rub it in someones face when they are diagnosed with a life threatening illness, even if they did bring it upon themselves, they're still human, capable of making mistakes, and hopefully learning from them.
Changing my eating habits, lifestyle and exercise routine have immensely helped my moods. I am not on medication, I am not seeing a therapist but my physician suggested I exercise and eat right to prevent getting diabetes and heart disease. I listened and have successfully lost 13 lbs since last month. I feel as though I have a new lease on life, perhaps Mrs. Deen can find peace in her heart and home, and take this diagnosis as a wake up call to hopefully change her life for the better.
My big sister Claudia, & my nephew Bryan =]

Like Colin Quinn said in his stand up, the world has the atmosphere of a bar at last call. Everyone is on edge and waiting to pounce on the next media victim. Does it make us feel better about ourselves to put others down, just because they're celebrities or TV food personalities? Tweeting that they're the lowest form of human beings on the planet? How about we get a life, learn from HER mistakes, and not allow our loved ones to fall into the same trap. Let's take this as a lesson we can ALL learn from, support one another instead of waiting for the next media victim to attack. I know we enjoy mouthing the words, I told you so, most of the people who have insulted Mrs. Deen are people who have been against her since the very beginning (not that I have any problem with Mr. Bourdain, he's my hero!). But, can't we all just move on and play nice?

*Photos were from a family dinner last weekend

With that being said, let's move on to a brighter topic, Blog Awards!
Tina over at Pinay in Texas, was super awesome enough to award my humble little blog with the Fabulous Blog Award! Whoo hoo! Now it's my turn to pass it on to 5 food bloggers who truly have fabulous blogs. Don't forget stop by Tina's lovely food blog and say hi!

Nicole @ Bake Me Blush
Kiri @ Healthy Foodie Travels
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Jen @ The Three Little Piglets
Amy @ Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Congratulations to all the food blog award recipients! Please feel free to pass on this award to your favorite fabulous food blogs too ladies! =]

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  1. Good feed back.. no one needs to beat a dead horse, we knew she would have issues coming out, but somewhere along the line in life we get paid back for some kind of good things that happened isnt that enough?

  2. I think that's a generous way to look at it.

  3. I found her endorsement totally ridiculous based on her lifestyle, because I don't like the idea of people turning to drugs instead of behavior to change their health. But honestly, reading your post was refreshing. She's a person, it's a crap hand to be dealt, and compassion is never a bad idea. Thanks for the other side of the coin.

  4. I think any foodie or food blogger who wants to cast stones better step back. We are all benefitting to some degree from a culture(s) obsessed with food. More calories in than burnt is what creates extra weight, genetics have a huge impact, and if we could make the type of money she did/does, how many of you would honestly be out and about airing your dirty laundry?

  5. I am so in agreement with you regarding Paula Deen. She NEVER said that YOU must eat and cook the way she does. She is just representing Southern cooking the way they did it back in the day when we weren't so health aware. People could eat that way back then because they did more physical labor and walked etc.. Now everyone sits and watches TV we don't have to budge at all (I'm guilty of it). My heart broke for her on the show The Chew when she got teary more than once taking about the situation. Everyone wants to judge and think of an ulterior motive. I am in her same boat... but I don't go announcing to everyone. Even if she is a celebrity she deserves time to deal with her issues and process it. Finding out your a diabetic is like a part of you dying. You have to grieve, get angry, go through denial etc... It's really a hard thing to deal with because you have to think about it with ever meal and bite. I hope she finds strength to deal with this media storm! I'm so in her corner and thank you for writing this post. Have a great weekend my friend. ~ Ramona

    PS.. congrats on the award!! Well deserved. :)

  6. Thanks guys on the congrats! And I'm glad you guys agree with me, we're human and capable of making mistakes, it's about learning from them and hopefully in time, Mrs. Deen will learn from hers too if she hasn't already. =]

  7. I agree with you completely!Who are we to judge somebody else.Its their life and these things are best left for the people who are going through it to decide if they want the world to know about it or not.We should respect their privacy and draw a line when it comes to illnesses and life changing decisions.Congrats on your award!

  8. It's so easy for someone to blame a person for the problems of an entire population. Diabetes often happens later in life because of a lot more than just food choices. Lack of exercise, poor (non-food related) health choices, and spending too much time watching tv/surfing the internet can really help a person become diabetic.

    It's easy for the media and even us as individuals to judge others, but it's not always easy to make people feel good about themselves. Society as a whole needs to change to help more people prevent these health problems instead of just dealing with them after the fact. I wish there were more government programs to help with the prevention of such things.

    I do think we underestimate what we as individuals can do to help each other out. Sometimes being caring/loving towards one another can do a lot towards preventing health problems. People that feel good about themselves (and their body image) and are loved have a higher chance of avoiding Diabeties in the first place.

  9. I agree with this post! I feel like people really overreacted. And people don't know how hard it is to find something out like that about your health and what it is like to made adjustments. She has built herself and her career around Southern Cooking. If I was her, I would be torn between changing the way I cook for my career vs. staying with what got her famous to begin with! Hopefully she can learn to balance both!

  10. Very well said! I wish she had come forward sooner so that she could be a powerful role model for people going through a similar diagnosis or as a wake up call for people eating the way she used to and headed for that diagnosis though. Think of all the good she could have done by having the courage to step out!


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